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Come and celebrate Wednesdays and Fridays with us on our fantastic shrimp cruises! Take the chance to enjoy the beautiful archipelago together with our wonderful troubadours who always ensure that there is a wonderful atmosphere on board. Book a place for you and a maximum of 54 friends and choose for yourself whether you want to sit inside or outside depending on the weather.

Don't miss out on the fun!

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What is included in the Shrimp Buffet

As many shrimp as you can eat. Accessories salad, rhodeisland, aioli, brie cheese, gouda cheese, bread, coffee/tea, cake, soft drink/water
Beer, Wine, Snaps and whiskey can be bought on board. 


Wednesday and Friday
at 18:45-22:15   June 28-July 28
at 17:30-21:00   30 July-1 Sep
Sundays in a calmer atmosphere and without troubadours 


Räkkryssning med trubadur
Räkkryssning utan trubadur
Barn 7-15 år halva priset



The cruisewalks in Oskarshamn's southern archipelago through the "Enegatsleden" to the Näset, where we make a stop for just over an hour to stretch our legs or maybe take a turn on the quay - could it be any better? 
The shrimp cruise includes as many shrimp as you want, 2 dipping sauces, salad, bread, butter, spread cheese, brie cheese, soft drink/light beer, coffee and cake. (alternative food specified when booking) 

Payment by cash or card on board upon departure.: Link directly to "booking/tour list"

common questions

What happens if it rains?

We do not book more people than can fit on the deck.

If you are intolerant to something?

Intolerance is notified when booking. The normal alternative to prawns is chicken salad, but we also arrange options for vegans and gluten intolerants.

How late can you book?

At the latest one day before the trip because we order the food then. If you have not booked, the food cost will be invoiced. That is SEK 160/person

Can the tour be canceled completely?

Yes, but very rarely. If it rains and/or is very windy, the tour can be canceled completely. In that case, YOU will be contacted when the decision is made. However, it happens some summers that we have to choose a northern tour instead of the southern one if there is a strong northeast wind.

It is usually fully booked! Can you put yourself on a waiting list?

No, but you can call a few days before the desired trip, because there are usually some cancellations. However, rarely more than 6 people.

Could it be better?

Wouldn't believe them :)

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