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We would love for you to take the children with you on all our trips, but there are some things that are good to know.
Children under 7 travel for free and youth for half the adult price on all our trips.

Planting a tree

Our ship
Our ships are classified according to the Swedish Maritime Administration's rules, which means, among other things:
Railing 1 m high and not climbable, life jackets for all passengers (used only if necessary), life rafts for all passengers + 20%, as well as ordinary fire protection and nautical equipment.
There is a toilet and a cafeteria on board with coffee, tea, soft drinks, buns and ice cream.
However, the ship is not suitable for those with mobility impairments.

Blue Maiden (Blåkulla)
The entire trip to Blå Jungfrun is 6 hours long and is divided into transport to the island approx. 1 hour 20 min, just over 3 hours at Blå Jungfrun and return trip 1 hour 20 min.
Smaller children are unable to walk around the entire island by themselves. The hike is 3.5 km and goes over the top which is 86m above the water surface. The hike can be experienced as difficult even for the elderly and it is strongly recommended to use good hiking shoes and bring water to drink. We can still recommend parents of small children to bring smaller children, but then choose to stay at the mooring place and take a short walk or just enjoy the surroundings and the sea.
Unfortunately, the island is very sensitive to the weather and about 10% of the tours have to be cancelled. main reasons for canceled trips are rain, when the surface of the island becomes "soapy" and strong winds that can cause problems when mooring or cause an overly unpleasant trip.

Archipelago tour
The archipelago tour is a peaceful trip for all ages. Both children and adults find it exciting and interesting. A guided tour of Oskarshamn's southern archipelago where you experience fantastic proximity to summer cottages and a living archipelago environment.

Rail crossing
Our shrimp cruises with troubadours are a bit more festive and primarily aimed at those who want to go out and experience our archipelago combined with a bit of fun and entertainment. Parents who feel they can relax and enjoy the tour are very welcome with their children regardless of age. On Sundays, the tour is without troubadours, where the experience of the sea and the shrimp buffet are at the center.

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