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Blåkulla and History 

The island is also called "Blåkulla" and also simply "Jungfrun".


According to the myth, Blåkulla is the place where the witches went on Maundy Thursday to meet Satan and celebrate the witches' sabbath. In his compilation "History of the Nordic Peoples" from 1555, the archbishop and cartographer Olaus Magnus speaks of the island of Jungfrun as a place where Nordic witches are said to hold meetings during certain times of the year to test their magic arts and signatures. The Blue Maiden is also depicted in Olaus Magnus' chart Carta Marina from the year 1539. Sailors have avoided this place for a long time and the stories about the place are countless. If you take a stone with you from the island, it is said that you will have bad luck until the stone is returned to the island. We do not know whether bad luck is really caused by the stone or just an event. But M/S Solkust annually drives out a number of stones to be returned to their natural place.

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