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When is the tour cancelled?

WAVES? Rain? Deviations from the tour list are informed via SMS message the night before the intended tour after 8 pm or in some cases the same morning.


The trip is canceled if wave conditions on the island are unfavorable. In the event of rain, we are not allowed to drive visitors there because the risk of slipping is very high. But it can also be canceled due to waves and wind. We will therefore not know for sure until the guards on the island have been contacted that morning. When appropriate, the tour is replaced with alternatives. See tab "Options when BJ is set"
Tours from Oskarshamn can sometimes be replaced by an archipelago tour to Runnö or to the nature reserve Furön at a reduced price. When you get to experience a fantastically idyllic archipelago to Runnö. Runnö offers both history, culture, bathing and an archipelago village that gives a "Bullerby" feeling. 

In the low season, there is also a risk that the tour will be canceled if there are too few registrations. Theoretically, 20 passengers are needed to cover costs for a trip. 

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