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Tours to the Blue Virgin should be pre-booked because they are always full in good weather, and if there are fewer than 20 booked, the tour is cancelled. In addition, it is needed to provide information about deviations/cancelled tours.


Blå Jungfrun is a rock island so hiking trails can be strenuous and difficult in some parts. Even on land, the ascent can be difficult so people with disabilities may find it difficult to experience the island.
On hot days it is important to drink enough water as large parts of the island are unprotected from the sun. Destination Gotland passes once daily with its fast ferries. You must then keep an appropriate distance from the water because large waves roll in with the risk of being pulled into the water. There are no modernities such as a restaurant or cafe. In addition, there are no piers or other means of mooring, which means that the journey, and docking on the island is sensitive to weather and wind, especially northerly winds and south-westerly (>8m/s or wave height above the meter). Unfortunately, a number of tours are canceled each season. In some cases, an archipelago tour to Runnör from Oskarshamn is offered as an alternative. Information about any deviation/cancelled tour is provided via SMS message. In case of uncertain conditions, final information is given only at the boat.

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