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About the Ship

Number of passengers: 80/59

Gross weight: 39 tons

Seats below deck at table: 54
Above deck at table: 54

Speed: 9 knots

Length: 18.5 m

Speed range: D / E

Width: 4.4 m

Year of construction: Solkust 1953, rebuilt in 1993

M/S Solkust
The ship (Kung Agne) was built entirely in wood with a steel frame at Fisksätra shipyard in Nacka in 1953, where it was used as a school bus in the Stockholm archipelago, among other things. After many tours, it was bought by Herbert Palmquist in 1988, who together with his friend Kenneth Sundström rebuilt it to what it is today. The ship is still in the family, although the "skipper" Herbert has now passed away.The rebuild was very successful and the ship can today boast of being able to take all (80) passengers on deck.
Due to new leak stability requirements, from 2010 we can only take 59 passengers in speed zone D. Which means 59 passes to Blå Jungfrun and 80 passes to other tours.

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